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What about the children?

WARNING: The content of this website may be considered offensive or inappropriate for children. Adult supervision is advised.

How do we go from here...

to here?


Is it for humor? Is it to express liberation? Or is it bondage?



Gender, race and impairment all relate to what a person is, whereas homosexuality relates to what a person does.

Concerned Americans need to confront the aggressive attacks against our children to reshape their thinking in ways that remove all reference to God, and train them to perform works of rebelliousness. We need to meet in Washington and raise our voices. We need a march for our children and for their children and to let the few rebels know, that those who stand for God in this country will fight to remain the majority.

Write me so we can talk about it.

- Minister Leroy



In the news!

Jan. 2007 - Elementary school kids being taught to embrace gay and lesbian lifestyles as a healthy alternative

1959 - The Third Sex, a lesbian pulp novel from 1959 opened the minds of Americans to this secret society.





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