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Child Protection Action

The content of this website may be considered offensive or inappropriate for children. Adult supervision is advised.

The future of this nation is the youth of this nation. Are politicians so blind they don't realize that by sacrificing or devouring the children you are sacrificing the future. The laws should be made to protect the children not just liberate certain adults. Children should be the number one priority in this nation. 

Civilization started with God’s command to be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth and subdue it. To conquer and bring into subjection all living things on the planet. We are charged to nurture and develop the fruit of the womb: children, the next generation, procreation, reproduction, conception, taking dominion over anything opposed to God (Adam and Adam and Eve and Eve). We must be civic minded to look after civic needs and interests not civically mindless. If you accept the theory that we are merely the decendents of gorillas and not created in God's image, then it makes sense to make up the rules as you go. You are then free to lie with sheep or monkeys or dogs and start another evolution of strange flesh. But how do you compare human mind power, to that of animals? Do animals have spirit brain power and the ability to understand cultural and ethical structures that lasts for thousands of years. Can we as humans differentiate to recognize the course of development of the homosexuals, is extinction of the human race, civilization: civil union, and civil community? you have to be civilized.

The Third Gender 666 / the beast is a final attempt to overthrow God's kingdom. The offense is aimed at God as the owner and governor of the whole earth. When you reject the truth nothing is left but a lie; to refuse to accept, consider, or submit to the truth, is spiritual blindness which is spiritual suicide. Those who subscribe to the Third Gender 666 / the beast are destined for the lake of fire, the bottomless pit, the furnace of fire. The Third Gender 666 / the beast is empowered by Satan, the axis of evil. Satan wants to knock God off of his throne. Are you suffering from visual literacy: liberalism; lacking moral restraint, broad minded; bent towards secularism, secular humanism?

The Third Gender 666 / the beast are like aliens, differing in nature or character; strange going after stranger flesh. They exercise a form of bestiality. They are bestial or relating to beasts. Cannibalism is eating of human flesh by a human being of the same kind, lesbianism, same sex marriage. Lacking intelligence or reason; inhuman instincts or desires. They are like a four footed mammal as distinguished from man under human control; a contemptible person feeble minded with a mentally deficient nature. In Greek theology the sodomite which is the Third Gender 666 / the beast are called dogs because of their dog like manner, unclean and unclean spirit. Your association with the Third Gender 666 / the beast makes you an unclean spirit. Eve and Eve becomes the swine the pig, as a ring of gold in a swine's snout so is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion, discernment, and good judgment in conduct. Why is the Third Gender 666 / the beast unclean? Because of their deception of sex and of the way the human body works. The buttocks is used one way: to defecate and to free the body from impurity; to discharge through the anus to discharge feces. The vagina, a canal in a female, leads from the uterus to the external orifice of the genital canal; through which urine waste materials emit. The vagina is not made for another females tongue to touch or lick, it's for a woman to conceive. It's your choice: the kiss of life (Adam and Eve) or the kiss of death. The wrong choice yields the abomination of desolation, blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, the unpardonable sin, fire and brimstone.

Sexual preference and sexual orientation do not exist on planet earth. They only exist by humanistic perversion. The march against God, a.k.a. Gay Pride day, was created by people that are so proud of their lasciviousness that they believe they are superior to God and His design. That's why we need a march for God, for children, to be a voice against the Third Gender 666 / the beast. That's why this web site is asking for donations for a march for God's children. I am the number one homophobic on this planet. the specialist against homosexuality, lesbianism, and transgender confusion. Would you like to hear from a specialist on the topic of homosexuality uncensored? You need to hear the word, so you can make your own conclusion. Look in the eyes of a child and ask yourself do we need a march for children on the homosexual agenda.

Would you protect children from the homosexual agenda, the beast, modern day heathenism, uncivilized and irreligious people? This is why we need a march for children for God. I am a specialist against the dragon people and the beast. Would you like to hear from a specialist on topic of the Third Gender 666 / the beast? If you believe that sex is between and male and the female and marriage is between a male and a female, Please consider making a contribution to saving the children. If you can look in the eyes of a child and say that they have a choice of being heterosexual or homosexual, there is a major problem. That's stinky thinking. This is an attack on our spiritual Father, God, and spirituality; and it's blasphemy. What is wrong with God's covenant? It is necessary that the word of God be spoken. Help me share truth before we lose the next generation.

Write me so we can talk about it.

- Minister Leroy



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